Amara Baby Food: With Nutrition

By: NorbertThompson

Our family is very laid back when it comes to child rearing. I did read a few baby books, but quickly dismissed 90 percent of it and followed my common sense. But I also drew on the experiences I had as the oldest daughter amara baby food in a larger family. When you’ve been diapering children since the age of four, it is easy to become so casual. A family friend just had her first child. It was eye-opening to see how stressful having so much information and so many options can make it. All the tips seem to be different than when my oldest was born.

Nutrition is something you don’t want stressing about. While we may all disagree about the benefits of different sources of nutrition, I believe we can all agree on one thing: solid food should provide good nutrition for our babies without unnecessary additives.

  • Amara baby food can be a great option because it is convenient, natural, delicious, and easy to prepare. Parents will also love it.
  • Amara comes in several varieties, including: Apple Maqui Berry, oat n’ berries, kale potato mash, banana mango, and banana.

Amara is frozen dried instead of being canned or frozen. This preserves as many vitamins and minerals as possible, without the need for synthetic fortification. Amara baby food is organic and free of preservatives, additives, sugars, salts, or added sugars. The powder pouches can be stored in a convenient way and are as close to homemade as you will find.

For preservation and sealing, most canned and jarred foods use heat. The heat causes food to lose some of its beneficial properties, similar to pasteurization.

Amara uses a drying method that uses pressure rather than heat. This preserves more nutrients. Solid food should be used only for practice purposes before a baby turns one year old. But that doesn’t mean food should be unhealthy. Our babies aren’t machines that suddenly eat like adults right after their first birthday.

My children aren’t usually interested in solid food until they reach toddlerhood so I haven’t bought much baby food in the past. Ethan, my current infant seems to be more interested in solid food. The Apple Maqui Berry was a huge amara baby food hit with Ethan. Never have I seen a baby eat so fast with a spoon. After he finished, he grabbed the bowl. It was delicious! I tried it out and he loved it. It’s delicious! (Yes, I ate baby food.

One small Amara packet (15ml) is equivalent to amara baby food one jar puree from the supermarket. It costs approximately the same, but Amara is organic. Amara is a winner price-wise.