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5 tips for booking event transportation

5 tips for booking event transportation

The logistics of organizing ground booking event transportation for large events can be difficult, regardless of whether you’re organizing a wedding or conference. You need to consider budget, headcount, guest requirements, and other factors. Whatever the event, it is important to make sure that your company provides smooth, safe and comfortable transportation. Here are some tips to book group transportation that is exceptional within your budget.

Don’t overestimate the Headcount

If everything were perfect, the final headcount would be known before you book transportation. When it comes to event planning there are many factors that will impact your ability provide an accurate headcount early on. While a corporate event may have a higher attendance estimate, you might not be able to provide final numbers until the wedding’s RSVP deadline. No matter the situation, it’s best to underestimate the number of attendees and then adjust it after final numbers have been confirmed. It is important that you ensure every guest gets a seat on your bus.

Assess the Capacity of the Company

The number of guests will also determine how many vehicles are needed. Because of this, it is crucial to look at the size of the transportation company’s fleet to determine their ability to provide the correct amount of vehicles.

If your event will require 50 buses, it is important to make sure the operator you choose can supply them. It is also important to find out if the operator can provide additional or alternative vehicles. Larger fleets have the ability to plan for unexpected situations, like maintenance issues or sudden spikes in attendance. A large fleet allows you to rest easier knowing that your vehicle numbers can be adjusted in the event of an emergency.

Identify the Guest’s Needs

It is crucial to understand your guests and determine if any of them require special accommodations. You will want to ensure that your transportation company provides accessible vehicles if guests cannot use steps to get to the event.

Be clear about the Schedule

After you have chosen a transportation provider, it is important to understand the schedule of your group. For some groups, just a pick-up/drop-off time is enough. Some events, such as multi-location events require a tailored approach. For example, a corporate conference follows a fixed schedule, while a pub crawl follows an open-ended timetable. Understanding the event’s purpose allows transportation companies to decide how many drivers are needed, which ultimately leads them to offer the best transportation solutions.

Confirm, Confirm and Confirm

Once you have made arrangements for transportation, it is important to receive confirmation in writing. To ensure everything runs smoothly, verbally confirm your booking at least four days in advance.

Final Conclusion

Group transportation can be complicated to arrange for. You can make the process as easy as possible by being clear about your budget, schedule, and what the group’s needs are. It doesn’t matter what time it is, guests should have a pleasant and safe ride to their event.


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