Frequently Asked Questions About Flight Delays and Cancellations in the EU

By: NorbertThompson

Flight delays and cancellations are quite common due to several reasons, with Flightright and other agencies working to ensure that every affected passenger gets duly compensated. If your flight has ever been disrupted, you will understand how unpleasant it can be. This is why we will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions we get on flight delays and cancellations, so you can always know your next best step.

1. Why is My Flight Delayed or Cancelled?

There are several reasons why your flight can get delayed or cancelled, which can be classified into whether or not it is within the airline’s control. This is important, as it can determine your chance of getting compensated.

Some common reasons for flight disruptions include adverse weather conditions, air traffic congestion, aircraft maintenance, crew scheduling issues, inefficient airline operations, security-related issues, and technical problems, such as issues with check-in systems, baggage handling, or more.

Feel free to contact the airline to know why your flight has been delayed or cancelled. This will further influence your decision on whether you should proceed with processing your compensation.

2. Am I Entitled to Financial Compensation For a Delayed Or Cancelled Flight?

Yes, you are. Provided your flight is departing from an EU airport or it is operated by an EU airline and arriving in the EU. This, backed with a reason beyond the airline’s control that could have caused the disruption, gives you an edge in getting compensated.

There are however a few more things to consider. This includes being informed of the flight disruption 14 or more days before your departure date. You also must have checked in for the flight at least 45 minutes before boarding time, in the case of a delay.

Confirm that you have met the necessary criteria before you claim compensation.

3. What Am I Entitled to Under the EC 261 Regulation?

Under the EC 261 regulation, you may be entitled to monetary compensation between €250 and €600, based on the flight distance covered and not on the ticket price. A short-distance flight (below 1500km) attracts €250; a medium distance (between 1500km and 3500km) attracts €400; a long distance (above 3500km) attracts €600.

Other additional things you may be entitled to include complimentary food and drinks if you are delayed for at least two hours. You can also get a free hotel booking if this disruption causes you to spend the night at the airport. Should the flight delay be longer than 5 hours, you have the right to reschedule your flight at no cost to you or request a refund.

4. What Do I Do While I’m Delayed?

This is the best time to gather all necessary documents and make proper plans to get full compensation. Help yourself with the complimentary food and drinks pending the time. Key documents you’ll need to include your booking information and flight ticket, receipts and vouchers used, and the reason for the delay or cancellation provided in a written format.

Bottom Line

You may never be able to do anything about your flight getting disrupted and messing with your plans but you can take actionable steps towards ensuring you get duly compensated. This article tells you a few key things to know as an air traveller in the EU.