Most Popular Outbound Destinations From India

International holidays in India are no longer dreams but memories for life. Traveling is more accessible than ever with so many shores of the world to choose from close by but offering experiences completely unique from India itself. There are various holiday destinations abroad you could consider visiting; South Asia alone boasts stunning spots loved by travelers. Plan for an international journey in South Asia where majestic mountain ranges, lush valleys, beautiful islands, gorgeous beaches busy cities and other tourist spots await your discovery.

Here is a list of the top top outbound destinations from India


Singapore, one of India’s most beautiful nations, is one of its premier holiday destinations. Boasting lush green scenery and access to an inviting turquoise ocean, Singapore attracts couples on honeymoon trips as well as families and adventure seekers from across India and all around the globe. Its appealing tourist spots attract couples on honeymoon getaways as well as families visiting from India as well as adventure seekers from other nations around the globe.


Singapore provides unforgettable memories with its delicious food and shopping delights, exciting adventure activities and adventures, and welcoming Indian culture that creates a comfortable yet foreign feeling experience.

Thailand, often referred to as “Land of Smiles,” sets an idyllic scene for your travel experience. As one of the top travel destinations worldwide, Thailand provides something for every kind of tourist; stunning beaches around the globe; uncharted islands filled with ancient temples; bustling markets offering delicious food; delightful shopping; not to mention exquisite spa services… Thailand provides something special.

Thailand, situated in Southeast Asia, offers the ideal setting for honeymoon couples, adventure enthusiasts and those simply seeking fun. Recalling memories of home, this South-East Asian nation ranks among India’s premier international travel destinations.


Malaysia, located off of South East Asia, is another top holiday destination for Indian travellers. Renowned for its idyllic islands, beautiful cities, charming historical sites, stunning beaches and islands, thrilling adventures, friendly people, and much more, Malaysia provides exciting vacations for families as well as romantic honeymoons for couples looking for international escape from India.

An unforgettable blend of bustling national parks with lush forests, an underwater globe that is full of life, cities with large shopping centers and vibrant nightlife scenes – and all this at once will leave you mesmerized! A place perfect for relaxation and adventure!


Indonesia, known for its idyllic beaches and romantic honeymoon destinations worldwide, ranks high on any honeymoon list. Boasting proximity to both the Indian Ocean and Pacific Oceans, this archipelago of over 17000 islands located in South East Asia boasts gorgeous beaches as well as old Hindu temples, volcanoes, forests diversifying marine life, exciting adventures, and much more besides.

India and Indonesia are widely considered two of the world’s most captivating tourist spots, making for unforgettable holiday experiences and lasting memories for Indian travellers. Couples looking for honeymoon tours Bali make a perfect honeymoon choice! This paradise island promises unforgettable tours.


Dubai, one of the top luxury vacation destinations worldwide and an increasingly popular choice among Indian travellers looking for international experiences, boasts some incredible beauty in every way imaginable. Home to one of the tallest towers ever constructed as well as artificial islands and beaches; beloved shopping venues; thrilling adventure spots, Dubai has it all and more.

Are You Planning a Trip to Dubai With Family or Loved Ones or for Romance? This Emirates city promises many unforgettable memories!