By: NorbertThompson

Arancini, suppli or rice balls are all ways of referring to this traditional dish from Italy. What is it, and where can you find the best?

Each region in Italy has its own recipe for some of the most famous dishes. It is difficult to determine where the best risotto balls are.

They are a symbol of Italian street food, regardless of their origin. If you’re planning to take a food trip to Rome or anywhere else in Italy, this guide will help you discover the various regional versions of each dish and the best places to eat them while on a food tour around the capital.

Regional variations: Rice balls, risotto balls, arancina and suppli

Sicily is known as the “motherland” of the so-called “arancina”, arancino. Sometimes, the Sicilians even claim that the feminine is the best.

The “ragu”, which is a mixture of minced pork, minced beef, peas, and mozzarella in its middle, is used to make it. Seasonings for the filling include onions, carrots, celery and extra virgin oil.

There are still many variations, even in Sicily. On the Aeolian Islands, for example, you will find the version with chopped capers in the filling.

Catania should be tried the aubergine variation, and Messina the one with the Pistachio of Bronte.

They are instead called “pall’e riso” in Naples (literally, rice balls). This is a reinterpretation of Sicilian arancina. The main difference is that the filling contains tomato sauce. The rice is reddish in color.

You should be able taste the saffron flavor in “risotto ball” Milan. One of Milan’s most popular dishes is “risotto allamilanese”, which is risotto with spinach. This is how the northern and southern culinary traditions intersect.

Rome’s food tour amongst the beauty and flavors

The “suppli” is a type of pasta that you can find in Rome. The arancina has a cylindrical, elongated form, rather than the traditional round shape. It also includes a common ingredient in Roman cuisine, pecorino Romano.

It is a great opportunity to taste the suppli on a food tour of Rome while taking in the beautiful architecture and historical surroundings.

Rome is a kind of open-air museum, which is one of its greatest assets.

It is easy to find tiny street food places where you can purchase suppli for just a few euro, all while enjoying the view of the historic ruins or the stunning modern buildings around you.

Even though many restaurants and trattorias offer this dish, it is best to find the right place to stop in a bakery, pizzeria or gastropub.