By: NorbertThompson


Thailand, along with Malaysia and Singapore, is also on the list. You can find many exciting destinations with affordable living costs.

Thailand is the perfect place for people who enjoy shopping and dining out. Thailand offers natural beauty and romance that will make you fall in love.

The beautiful island of Thailand is home to many tourist attractions that will captivate everyone who visits it. Renting a boat is a great way to explore these islands. Voyage Luxury Yacht Charter Phuket is one of the many companies offering travel services.

You want to find out where it is? Below are some links to help you find it.

  1. Koh Phi

One of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, Koh Phi Phi, is well-known. This is where Leonardo DiCaprio filmed The Beach.

There are many activities that you can enjoy. Divers can snorkel, travel by boat, relax, or go diving. You can feel even more at home in Kho Phi Phi if you have the same spirit as a traveler.

  1. Koh Phangan

Koh Pangan is the perfect place for those who need privacy while traveling. This spot is surrounded by green plants and white sand.

It is quite peaceful. This place is perfect for people who just want to relax. You can also enjoy activities like snorkeling, diving and relaxing on the beaches. Don’t forget about trying out different culinary tours.

  1. Koh Lanta

You can enjoy holidays on this beautiful island in Thailand with your family. It is surrounded by mangrove forests and exotic beaches. You can enjoy many exciting activities with your family, as the waves are calm.

  1. Koh Lipe

You can make Koh Lipe your honeymoon location if you have a plan. There are many luxurious amenities on the island, including luxury hotels that will make your trip even more memorable. You can also enjoy water tourism like snorkeling or diving on this island. This makes it more romantic for your honeymoon.

  1. Koh Samui

Koh Samui will make your vacation unforgettable. This beautiful island is far from the urban centers and is surrounded by tropical rain forests and exotic beaches. Imagine how clean the air is here.

You can enjoy a wide range of Thai seafood if you visit Koh Samui.