Top 10 Sydney Attractions in Australia

By: NorbertThompson

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities. It’s best known for its iconic harbourfront Opera House with its sail-like design. Massive Darling Harbour and Circular Quay port provide hubs of waterside activity while Royal Botanic Garden stands nearby.

Wander through The Rocks for an eclectic experience of charming alleyways, charming heritage buildings and boutique clothing shops – or visit the Museum of Contemporary Art to expand your mind! Since countless Cathay Pacific flights are available, like Cebu to Sydney, why not visit every single one?

1. Sydney Opera House

People think of Sydney when they picture its most popular attraction – the Sydney Opera House with its majestic sails and rich cultural significance and history. This landmark stands as an instantaneous icon that represents all that makes up its city of Sydney.

JornUtzon believed it was impossible to construct this World Heritage-listed building, yet eventually succeeded in accomplishing his task and finishing his masterpiece of architecture and human creativity. Now known as The Utzon House, its success stands as testament to human ingenuity.

Visitors of Sydney Opera House should take a tour to experience its various performance venues such as drama theatre, playhouse, studio and Utzon room. You could also stop at Opera Bar to purchase beverages while taking in views of Sydney cityscape from Opera Bar’s spectacular terrace seating area. Finally, don’t forget Featherdale Wildlife Park located nearby for cuddling koalas – this must-do activity should not be missed when in Sydney!

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge (locals refer to it as “Coathanger”) is one of the iconic symbols of both Sydney and Australia, drawing thousands of tourists each year who visit. Many first-time travellers include climbing this famous structure on their must-do lists along with visiting Opera House and watching New Year’s Eve fireworks displays.

The world’s largest steel arch bridge spans a narrow section of Sydney Harbour and connects the central business district to North Shore via rail, road, and pedestrian pathways. A visit to this iconic structure offers visitors photo opps, short film experiences, as well as panoramic skyline views from its outdoor platform.

Other attractions in Sydney include the Royal Botanic Gardens and the 309-metre Sydney Tower Eye, where visitors can walk along its exterior ledge for stunning views. Additionally, its Observation Deck hosts an exciting 4-D experience while its Skywalk provides adrenaline rushes for visitors with adventurous spirits.

3. Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is one of Sydney’s iconic features and a natural playground, ideal for exploration by renting a captain and sailing along its famous waterway or taking advantage of lunch or dinner cruises to take in its beauty.

Take in spectacular views from Sydney Tower Eye, an observation tower standing 30 meters tall and the second-tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. Visitors to this attraction can get a 360-degree panoramic view of this small metropolis and its surroundings.

Start exploring culture at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia’s premier public art museum with world-class collections and exhibits. Additionally, visit Royal Botanic Garden to experience 30 hectares of cultivated and preserved plant collections – as well as workshops and events held throughout the year! Or explore Chinatown neighborhood for hidden pathways, exotic plants and tea sets!

4. Sydney Harbour Foreshore

Sydney is renowned as a tourist hot spot, and it’s easy to understand why! From harbor cruises and climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to museums, parks, shopping and dining experiences – Sydney offers something exciting for every type of visitor!

Darling Harbour offers an abundance of shopping, dining and entertainment centers lining its waterside location – perfect for family fun days out! Just a short ferry ride from Circular Quay lies the Darling Harbour Zoo with wildlife species from Australia and overseas as well as hosting Wild Lights during Vivid Sydney festivities in May and June!

The charming historic district of The Rocks is an inviting way to learn more about Australia’s convict history, while The Rocks Markets provide visitors with plenty of local goods and souvenirs! Additionally, Sydney is home to two top attractions; Royal Botanic Garden was established in 1816 offering tranquil landscapes for you to relax among.

5. The Rocks

No matter your interests, The Rocks offers something for everyone! Its convict heritage draws many visitors while the Justice and Police Museum shows what life was like in Sydney Cove during various eras – everything from smuggling to theft! It truly makes for an intriguing visit.

The Rocks is famous for its bustling shopping and entertainment precinct. Here you will find everything from historic pubs (some competing to become Australia’s oldest) and street markets to theatres and restaurants.

Cultural significance is furthered by The Rocks’ association with many notable people from all around the world, such as notable convicts and a 1970s union-led protest that preserved this part of Sydney. Truly special place!

6. Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo is an incredible experience that provides you with access to a wide variety of animals. Perfect for visitors of all ages and experience levels alike, you are sure to have an unforgettable time here!

Here you can witness various animal species such as Giraffes, Koalas, Meerkats and more. Indulge yourself by spending some time gazing upon our captivating Seals as well.

Taronga Zoo is an enchanting experience and provides plenty of activities, such as animal shows and tours, plus keeper talks that offer insight into animal care practices. Taronga also supports several conservation efforts like Asian Elephant Transfer Home in Sri Lanka and Bukit Tigpuluh Ecosystem in Sumatra; making this popular Australian zoo an integral part of Sydney culture that you should visit!

7. Powerhouse Museum

This cavernous museum, once the city’s power station, boasts exhibits on all things technological: decorative arts and furniture to communication technology, transport systems and even massive steam engines. As one of Australia’s premier museums, The Powerhouse Museum holds many interesting displays packed with interesting things.

Popular temporary exhibitions showcasing Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Faberge and pop singer Kylie have kept this classic museum fresh and engaging. Don’t miss the Mars Lab; experience a scientifically accurate Mars landscape right in your own living room!

The Powerhouse offers curriculum-linked and interactive educational excursions for school groups that are curriculum related and engaging. These excursions include guided tours, science shows, workshops and activities led by experienced Powerhouse educators.

8. Australian Museum

Sydney is famous for its world-renowned opera house and bridge situated on one of nature’s most stunning natural harbors, but the city also offers much more, from an international dining scene to beaches and national parks.

The Australian Museum is home to more than 18 million objects and specimens and boasts an unparalleled world-class exhibitions and events program. Explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, meet Australia’s deadliest dinosaurs or get lost in Capturing Nature exhibit.

Visits can spend days exploring this museum, but most visitors can easily cover its highlights in just a few hours. Visit the minerals and gemstones gallery, animal gallery or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gallery before browsing the Australian Museum Shop for unique Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork, designer gifts or other souvenirs.

9. Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Discover Australia’s fascinating animals at this Wild Life Sydney Zoo located at Aquarium Wharf. Engage your children in learning about conservation through educational keeper talks and interactive animal shows, while understanding its needs as demonstrated through habitat zones such as Kakadu Gorge, Daintree Rainforest and Kangaroo Walk-About. Meet cute Koalas at Gum Tree Valley; Ringo the wombat can be seen Wallaby Cliffs while Jackie the platypus lives happily ever after in Platypus Pool!

At Sydney’s Darling Harbour area zoo, embark on an exciting animal adventure through 10 themed habitat zones from Outback Australia to Tasmania. Catch sight of yellow-footed rock wallabies and echidnas in Kangaroo Walk-About; or stroll Wallaby Cliffs for Eastern grey kangaroos, quokka and princess parrots!

10. Koala Park

Koala Park Sanctuary of West Pennant Hills provides visitors with an enjoyable wildlife park experience by enabling them to interact with both caged and cage-free native Australian animals, such as kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, dingoes, echidnas, reptiles and birds from Australia. Spend an enjoyable day here interacting with these remarkable species – you won’t forget it!

Visitors can view Koala feeding presentations daily at 10:20am, 11:45am, and 2pm. In addition, Stockman’s Camp offers live sheep shearing shows.

Noel Burnet founded this Sydney attraction in the 1920’s after witnessing many koalas being shot for fur trade. Visit to learn more about these adorable animals while also experiencing their peaceful Australian rainforest-like atmosphere!