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Top Vegan-Friendly Destinations

  • Thailand

Thai food will always be my favorite non-guilty pleasure. The key is non-guilty. Many creamy recipes use coconut milk, and often offer tofu or vegetables in place of meat. Vegans can enjoy delicious Thai food anywhere in Thailand. You don’t have to stick to curries or pad thai if you are looking for something different, try authentic Thai favorites such as coconut soup, spring rolls with peanut butter, seitan and stir-fry.

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  • Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is a well-known international destination for serious foodies. It shouldn’t surprise that vegans will find refuge in Mexico City. Mexican food is something we all have a tendency to indulge in. However, it can often contain lard and milk. But authentic, vibrant Mexican cuisine is completely vegan. The capital alone is worth a trip for its cuisine!

  • Bali, Indonesia

Like the island’s landscape, Indonesian cuisine is a mix of traditional Asian foods and a splash of color. Bali’s vegan dishes are photogenic and feature a lot of bright pinks, purples and greens.

Its taste is better than its looks, as a lot of creativity has gone into making this tropical vegetable fare appealing to even the most picky of eaters. You will love breakfast!

  • London, England

PETA-approved London is a big city. It offers more than just basic tofu. Gordon Ramsey could not fault it. In fact, he opened a restaurant in the center of London that serves vegan pizza. There are many international vegan options available, from Mexican and Italian cuisine to sweet treats and indulgent sweets.

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VanillaBlack offers a 5 course, completely meat- and dairy-free meal with wine pairings if you can afford it.

  • Paris, France

Paris is not a hot spot for vegans, but it is making an appearance on the veggie scene. The simplicity and elegance of French food is a hallmark, but there are no compromises in taste. You can get vegan versions of French favourites (croissants coffee cakes, crème brulee, creme brulee), early in the morning, and savory ketos and burgers late at night. Paris has never tasted better.

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  • Portland, Oregon

Portland, the OG vegan hub is often referred to as the “farm-to-fork capital” of the USA. It offers high-quality vegan food at almost every venue, even strip clubs.

Because I am not going to list veg-friendly Portland restaurants, it is a shame that they don’t offer some plant-based dishes. It will be difficult to find a place that serves every meal. Single. Meal. Because there are too many delicious places to choose from.

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But I must say, you would be foolish to leave without trying the VooDoo Doughnut. It’s a hyped dish for a reason. Also, Homegrown Smoker has some great comfort food.



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