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Staniel Cay Travel Guide – Exuma Cays, Bahamas

You should make a trip to Staniel Cay, Bahamas, a peaceful island that is home to swimming pigs and has endless white-sand beaches. It also boasts a beautiful resort. This island, located in the Exuma Cays is home to less than 100 people but attracts tourists from all over the world who want to enjoy its beautiful waters and natural attractions.

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Staniel Cay was my recent trip with EMBRACE Resort. I am thrilled to share all I have learned about this idyllic destination.

  • Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay, located in the middle the Exuma Cays district, is approximately 130 km (80 miles) from Nassau, Bahamas and 400km (250 mi) south Florida.

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How to get to Staniel Cay?

Flying from Florida is the best way to reach Staniel Cay if you are traveling from the US. You can fly directly to the island from Fort Lauderdale (TYM airport) or stop in Nassau, Bahamas.

Many flights departing from the West Coast of America, such as I was, have connections to North Carolina.

Expect to spend between 5-6 hours in Nassau. A peaceful courtyard was located outside the international terminal. It allowed me to take in fresh air and relax before I flew to Staniel Cay, Flamingo Air’s short 30-minute flight.

You should allow yourself sufficient time to pass security in Nassau when you return home. Instead of arriving into the United States at the airport, you will be required to go through customs at Nassau.

Transport in Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay has a small area, so renting a golf cart is the best way to get around. It costs between $60-70 per day. EMBRACE Resort guests get a $60 discount on their daily rate. You should book your golf cart ahead of time by clicking this link.

Transport in Staniel Cay Exumas Bahamas

You can get to every point on the island in 5 minutes with these 2- or 4-seater carts. You must be at minimum 18 years of age and possess a valid driver’s licence to operate a golf cart.

There are many bicycles on the island, and you can get around easily if you don’t have one or prefer another method.

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Best Time To Visit Staniel Cay

Paradise is Staniel Cay’s name, and I recommend that you visit in September, October or May to enjoy the best weather and the smallest crowds.

The Exumas’ holiday season, which runs from December to January, is the busiest. However, the rainy season lasts between June and October. The Bahamas rarely get rain twice in a day, and showers are usually started at night. Therefore, you can expect sunny skies most days.

The temperatures in November and April are about 75degF (24degC), with cooling winds. Winter is known to stay around 62degF (17degC). It’s rare to see temperatures above 89 degrees F (32degC), even in summer, and it tends stay fairly balmy all year.

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The Best Things to Do in Staniel Cay

  • You’ve probably seen photos of Staniel cay and marveled at the famous swimming pigs. They are a huge draw, not only because of the beautiful landscape but also because they are so cute! How do you go about seeing the pigs?
  • The pigs can be found on the nearby island of Big Major Cay (affectionately known as Pig Beach). It is possible to visit the pigs by taking a tour, especially a half-day 3N Exuma Vacations Swimming Pigs Tour.
  • The swimming pigs tour departs from Staniel Cay Airport or the Yacht Club. It includes plenty of time with the pigs and an opportunity to interact with them.
  • They offer snorkel gear, bottled waters, towels, and food for the swimming-pigs.


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