Breathwork Can Transform Your Life

By: NorbertThompson

Breathwork can be a powerful practice that can benefit your body, mind, and soul. These are the top ten benefits of breathingwork that can transform your life.

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Scott and I are certified pranayama breathwork guide practitioners. We have used breathwork to gain clarity, facilitate emotional and physical healing, relieve stress, anxiety, and heal physical wounds quicker.

There are many types of breathwork, but pranayama breathwork is the most popular. It’s active meditation and conscious control over the breath. This practice focuses on releasing stuck energies from our bodies to allow for healing. You can learn more and book a remote session by clicking here.

However, you can only find out which type of breathwork suits your needs by actually trying them. Other common types include soma and holotropic as well as vivation and rebirthing. No matter which one, I guarantee that you will find it healing, enlightening and uplifting.

  • It reduces stress and anxiety

Breathwork, which is similar to meditation, can be used to reduce stress and anxiety. Stress causes your body to experience a fight/flight response. Your breathing becomes shallower and faster and your lung capacity is reduced.

Breathing exercises will help you strengthen your respiratory muscles and increase oxygen flow to all parts of your body. Controlled breathing can be used to relax the body and reduce stress hormones and tension. Breathwork is a great tool to shift my mental and emotional state.

  • Heightens Mental Clarity

Breathing exercises can be a great way to get rid of any sluggishness or fogginess. Breathing will not only help you get rid of any mental fog, but it can also help you solve any problems or questions you might have.

I use visualizations to help me deal with questions and problems. Also, I acknowledge, accept, and release any emotions that arise when I focus on my intention.

  • Increases intuition

Breathing is a way to tap into your inner self more deeply. This will allow you to intuitively learn more about yourself, and to trust your intuition and gut feelings.

Breathwork is a great way to trust your intuition. First, you need to allow yourself to slow down and relax so that your subconscious can speak to you. Breathing exercises are a great way to pause, refocus and listen to your subconscious. This is how breathwork can be compared to traditional meditation.

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Breathing will also help you trust your intuition by opening up to the many emotions that will undoubtedly come through. Contrary to traditional meditation, the physical aspect of breathingwork is very gratifying. These sensations only enhance the sense of self-exploration.

For those who are interested in guided meditation and breathing exercises, I’ve created a virtual retreat. To help you shift your life and free yourself from the limitations that have been holding it back, this virtual retreat will focus on connecting with your intuition (or inner guidance).

  • Get rid of your pain

As a pain relief method, breathwork has been around for hundreds of years. Imagine this: What do nurses tell a woman to do when she is in labor? Breathe. Mothers-to-be should take a deep, slow, deliberate breath. This will help to calm down and reduce the pain.

Certain breathing techniques can physical influence the parasympathetic nerve system (the network that transmits the pain signal) and lead to a decrease in pain after breathwork.

Breathing is a great tool to learn how to control your body, regardless of whether you are experiencing chronic or temporary pain.

The Body-Mind Connection is strengthened

Our bodies seem to go on autopilot so much of the day. We move around the world without really paying attention to how our bodies feel. We don’t stop to think about what we can learn from our bodies, or what we can do to make it better, unless we get the painful signal. Breathwork, however, will help you to focus on your body and feel it from beginning to end. Breathing exercises are a great way to start building a stronger relationship with your body.

  • Heals Past Trauma

Breathwork can often be a helpful tool for healing trauma. This is because trauma is cellular and increases blood flow and oxygen supply boosts the body’s natural healing process.

Breathwork can be used with an intention. It will allow you to dive into your past experiences, energies, and help you get rid of any traumas or blockages.

Breathing can be very emotional. A qualified breathwork guide is the best way to get the support you need and fully process your emotions.

  • Deepens Spirituality

Breathwork, as mentioned, is an excellent tool to increase your body, mind and spiritual awareness. Breathing exercises can help you to stop acting out of your ego and connect with yourself and others. Breathwork is a popular practice that many people experience profound spiritual awakenings.

  • Releasing Limiting Beliefs

First, set an intention to release any limiting beliefs in a breathwork session. Consider a belief you believe is limiting. Then, acknowledge the feelings that this belief can bring forth. These feelings and ideas can be used as an anchor during your session. This will help you to identify the source of your limiting beliefs and work towards clearing them.

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Breathwork can be a powerful tool to help you identify your limiting beliefs. Use the idea of self-actualization to help you identify limiting beliefs. Let your sessions flow and let any visions or feelings you have come across to you. Then, write down the experience after the session is done.

  • Creativity Boosts

Regular practice of breathwork has one of my favourite things. I love the creative spells it brings out. Breathing exercises help you connect with your true self and open up the door to a deeper understanding about your creative path. Breathwork can be used to stimulate creativity. You should plan to create right after the session.

  • Increases immunity

Controlled breathing has been proven to be an effective way of increasing your immunity. Scientists at the Medical University of South Carolina found that subjects who were given instructions to practice controlled breathing for 20 minutes had lower salivary levels than those who read.Regular breathwork can help you experience lower inflammation and higher immunity.

How to Travel with Breathwork?

  • Put Time aside

You can make sure you have a set time for your breathwork, whether you do it by setting reminders on your phone or by doing it every morning.

Travel is unpredictable and it can be hard to keep to a routine. To ensure you are getting your time in, make a commitment to yourself to wake up at a reasonable hour, attend a breathwork class, and visit a park during the day.

  • Make Space in Your Accommodations

To find inspiration for my breathwork while on the road, one of the easiest things I do is to designate a spot in my accommodation.

This space can be created by placing some grounding stones or crystals on a floor, laying out a blanket, or travel yoga mat, then clearing the space with sage.

  • Keep hydrated and eat well

Healthy eating and drinking plenty of water is essential for a clear head, well-fueled body, and motivation to keep going with your practice.

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Keep in mind the benefits

If you still have trouble motivating yourself to do breathwork after trying all these suggestions, please refer to this article. When I am mentally challenged with a task that I know will benefit me, I find that simply recalling the reasons it works is enough to get me through.