Five Tips for Travel Agents to Plan Your Trips – Straight Best

By: NorbertThompson

Use glasses cases to organize cords

An extra case for sunglasses can make it easy to track your power cords. Rachelle Rayner, a Travel Agents, says that you can avoid a messy bag and keep your phone charger organized by rolling it up and placing it inside the case.

Take a vacation in shoulder season

Richter says, “After you have settled on a destination you should find out the peak season and plan your trip either before or after that period.” Peak travel times can be predicted, such as spring break, holidays and the summer months. These times are when prices rise. Therefore, it is better to travel in shoulder seasons for a more affordable and less-crowded getaway.

Find out about holidays and open hours.

Researching attractions ahead of time is a good idea. However, it’s important to consider the timing (including holiday hours). Take note of the days museums are closed. Ball says that you shouldn’t be planning to visit a city just for one day to view a special exhibit only to find out that it has closed on the following day. This was something she learned the hard way while in Prague. Ball says that Saturday was the only day she had. “What I wanted most was to see the Jewish sites. They are closed on Saturdays, their holy day.

Be aware of flight times

To avoid delays, the rule of thumb in the airline business is to travel early in the morning. To take advantage of the activities that await you upon landing, it’s easier to travel in daylight. Reddit user Redditor: “I’ve seen people book packages online and not arrive until late at their destination, so the entire first day is wasted.” This is a common problem with some destinations. However, it’s an Travel Agents important element in getting your vacation off to a good start.

5. Choose a hotel carefully

Hotels are more than a place to rest. People travel to hotels not just for the purpose of sleeping. Duncan Greenfield-Turk is the managing director of Luxury London Guy. He says that clients should always focus on the hotel when considering a destination. It’s where you stay, where you eat and where you entertain.

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